ROMANS 12:1-2

“Don’t conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed

Transform Network exists for:

encouraging people to seek God personally and corporately through worship, prayer, and fasting. Learning to hear from God and depend on the Holy Spirit.

sharing fellowship and building connections between church members, and leaders of churches and projects. Offering mutual support and peer mentoring.

sharing skills and spiritual gifts, supporting each others’ ministries. Offering help in challenging or crisis circumstances

encouraging everyone to grow and be equipped. Working together to train people in biblical studies, theology, church-related skills, and leadership. Training and raising-up the next generation of leaders.

making Jesus known and seeing God’s Kingdom come through individual and joint-church outreach. Engaging in personal evangelism, social action, evangelistic events, and church planting.

Transform Network values:

  • A dependence on God, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit
  • Self-sacrificial serving, and humble leadership
  • Equality of opportunity in leadership and ministry for both women and men, from whatever culture or background
  • Working alongside the poor for justice and breakthrough
  • Working and engaging widely with other churches and Christian organisations, in a spirit of openness and generosity

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